"30 m2 Schaerenkreuzer 'Pelican'"

Dear Sailing enthousiasts,

I am selling this boat for my sailing mate Peter.

The price for this wonderful fast 30m2 schaerenkreuzer to offer is 22.000 Euro because he likes to sell this spring.

This price is negotiable to a certain extent.
For the trailer /transport I might have some interesting options if we can have a fast deal.

The boat is in great shape.

It is a very fast ship and very seaworthy.

Peter is willing to take on spring preparations and ready to sail option in April
Please let me know if this interests you
with kind regards

Olaf G. Stevens -


30 m2 Schaerenkreuzer “Pelican”

Length - 11.73m
Wide - 2.19m
Depth - 1.71m
Weight - 2540 Kilo Despl
Hull: GFK
Ausbau: Mahogany
Rigg: Aluminium

Price 22.000 euro

High-Level Design by Peter Norlin:

SK30 S212 "Pelican" is built around 1983 .
The original hull is designed by Peter Norlin and his construction Tiger22. Which is a very fast hull.
To be able to create one of the first 30 m2 in plastic they upgraded a Tiger22 hull with deeper keel and wider hull, but with just small adjustments. The result is a very fast and light hull and it is certified as a 30 sqm.
The cockpit is comfortable wide and deep and emphasizes the seaworthiness of the vessel.

I have owned the yacht since 2007 and are now selling it because we have three Classic yachts and it is one too much for us.

Pelican did go through a very large and nice renovation, inside and outside in 2002 and it is in still good shape. 2016 She was at sea and was used a little bit, but 2013-2015 she was on land and not used.

Right now (oct 2016 ) she is on land and need some season job with varnishing the wooden parts and normal Winter cleaning overall.
Pelican can be sold in this shape and picked up now.
Or she can get the season preparation in April by me and be picked up in a prepared shape in late April, in Stockholm area.

I have participated in the European Cup's 2008 and 2012 with good results.
2012 we were best Swedish yacht after 4 races.

6 Sails: Main , Genua 1&2 , 1 Very large Spinn. All raced only 2 regattas and 2 EUCups. Sailconstructer is a famous swede - NEXT Sails.
Sailcondition facts, If you race on local yacht club races then all sails works well.
a special Sail set for cruising

The racing sails are used very little.

Cruising Sails: Main - Jib

The yacht is well equipped for Cruising with 4 adult beds and a kitchen area inside. The hull has extra space inside , compared with other "normal" 30sqm , so it is a very comfortable cabin for cruising. Pelican has a special Sail set for cruising and that is the reason why the racing sails is used very little.
Cruising Sails: Main - Jib

Mast is in Aluminum and stands on deck with a strong construction to control the power in the rig.
Running Rig and Backstays are exchanged 2011
Engine is a 4hp Yamaha ( Petrol )
Normal standard equipment for sailing follows the yacht. ( As Harbour ropes, fenders e.g. )

Certificate on SSKF Website.
There we have all Data , Length Wide e.g.

Best regards

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